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Studies are hard — that’s true for everyone, be you a diligent, laborious student or the one who wants to spend college years with fun and joy. The modern educational system is too demanding. Students have to attend lectures and workshops during the day, and after that, piles of homework are waiting for them at home or on campus. Instead of having a snack and having some rest, you have to read, study, research, and write. Some are also involved in part-time work to pay their bills. Others may have a girlfriend/boyfriend, or even a family with kids. Everyone requires attention, while a day still contains only 24 hours. Quite unfair, isn’t it?

In such conditions of constant conflict of overlapping needs and pressures, many of you might come to a conclusion like “I cannot do my assignment on time, and I am in serious trouble.” That’s a situation most of us face since there are numerous courses, life duties are also plentiful, and one person may simply lack life forces to make all ends meet. Academic performance gets worse, you are always followed by chronic stress, your friends and family miss you, and the boss is disappointed with your results... that’s quite a gloomy picture of a person who tries to do everything on his own. Hence, a logical conclusion in such a situation is, “I need to pay someone to write my assignment,” and that will be entirely understandable!

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