Writing a reaction paper shows your abilities

Surprisingly, most students don't even know what this type of work is. They try to do everything by themselves but fail eventually because they often don’t know the real purpose of this paper. So, now let's try to understand what a reaction paper is and why writing a reaction paper is so important. When you read a text you have to think very carefully about what you have read and about the sense of the text. This kind of paper needs time, first of all, you have to read the whole text to analyze it and then synthesize all the thoughts in your head and then give yourself time to do rest a bit and reread any parts that are still unclear. But what is more important - to fully comprehend what you have read so you can put all the thoughts and ideas together. You have to analyze all the things which you found in the text and you have to express your opinion on paper. This kind of work requires perseverance and concentration. A reaction paper is not about how you have understood the text is in an ability to express your own text idea.

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